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IRS Tax Levy: How The Federal Tax Levy Works

A tax levy is a legal seizure of property done by IRS to recoup a tax debt that’s owed. A tax levy is one thing that should not be taken gently; the IRS will continuously take assets till your tax legal responsibility is fulfilled. It is very important to know how levies work to make sure you take the appropriate actions to prevent them or to stop the IRS from property seizures.

What is a Tax Levy? What Should I Expect?

A tax levy is a seizure of assets so as to match unpaid tax responsibility. What is the process of the IRS placing a tax levy and what you could anticipate after the levy is in place?

IRS Note of Intent to Levy: What it Means, What to Do?

If you’ve received this notice, it’s likely that something has went wrong with your taxes and you’ve not taken virtually any steps to fix the issue. You have one month to do something to stop the levy from occurring. You need to know what your choices are and how you can stop tax levy.

How You Can Stop an IRS Levy?

In case you have got a notice of intent to levy or you think a tax levy is coming, know your legal rights as a taxpayer and what choices you need to stop the actual tax levy from going into effect.

How to Discharge a Tax Levy?

A tax levy will continue to be in effect until the IRS has levied as much many assets as necessary to fulfill your tax liability. The only other options is for the taxpayer to make some type of agreement with the IRS to stop their collections. There’re many ways to discharge a tax levy. The method you employ needs to be determined based on your budget and tax situation.

How you can appeal the process of a tax levy? There’re lots of situations in which a levy could be appealed. If you properly undergo the appeal and succeed, the levy would likely be stopped. The IRS has the power to seize the property of the taxpayer who did not pay their tax duties. You need to know how the IRS seizure works and what can be done to stop the process! We can help.

We can easily fit you with one of our tax professionals to assist you with a tax levy. We’ll act fast to reduce the effect of the levy on your property. Are you ready to get started?