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Unfiled Tax Returns: Guidelines and Info to Filing Taxes Late

Each year over 15 million money making households don’t file a Federal tax return. In most cases, these people do not need to file. Whether you have to file depends mostly on your earnings, your filing status, and your age.

Generally, earnings are the identifying factor. If you’re self-employed and make 400 dollars, you’ll need to file a tax return. If you’re a W-2 worker (maybe you work for or under somebody else), the income amount changes every year. Thus, if you’re wondering whether or not you had to file, you should think about the filing specification for your age as well as filing status for the given year that is usually explained in yearly guidelines given by the IRS.

When it comes to state taxes, you must visit the local state’s income tax revenue site so as to find filing needs as every state would be different.

Implications of Unfiled or Delinquent IRS or State Tax Returns

If you do not file a Federal tax return (when you need to) or you have unfiled tax returns, you could face penalty charges, interest, as well as other actions by the IRS that could be quite stiff and monetarily debilitating.

In terms of State tax consequences, every state differs but there’re some commonalities regarding collection actions. Tax levies, Tax liens, and penalties are used by states also.

How You Can File Unfiled IRS or Older State Tax Returns

If you wish to be proactive and want to stay away from possible penalties as well as interest, there are many guidelines that you could follow so as to file your unfiled tax returns. If the IRS has filed a tax return for you (alternate tax return or even SFR) and sent it to your last known address requesting you to sign and send it back, Don’t — rather file your own tax return and give it to the IRS.

Penalties or Fines for Not Filing a Tax Return

The IRS failure to file penalty is 5 percent monthly and will max away at 25 per cent of total tax responsibility. You need to know how this penalty is estimated as the total amount can prove devastating to your finances. About 33 percent of penalties can be eradicated with a sensible cause, and we’ll help you understand if you meet the requirements to have the penalties eradicated.

The IRS tax code is not just difficult, but longer and always growing. Filing your taxes is now very difficult without the help of a tax computer program or tax preparer. Get answers to your frequently asked questions regarding filing your tax returns, together with your unfiled IRS tax returns.